You might remember Tim & Merrill’s self-engagement shoot (and here) or their ridiculously amazing wedding. If so, you’ll be just as excited to see their ‘Honeyversary’ shoot as I was yesterday. The couple are photographers and have just been married over a year. As they moved to New York pretty much straight after their wedding they never had time for a honeymoon so they decided to take a trip to Palm Springs this month.

They stayed at  Ace Hotel and Swim Club, a wonderfully retro cool and chic place, a style which they incorporated into the style of the photographs? “We love the mid century feel that Palm Springs has” Merrill explained. “All of the houses look so cool and the decorations are so retro-cool! While we were there we swam in the pool for hours on end, bought out all the records at the thrift stores, and of course, we did a photo shoot!”

They set up a tripod and a wireless trigger, just like they did with their engagements. “We incorporated our love of the 50s 60s and 70s  and took inspiration from movies such as Gidget, Beach Party, and of course Palm Springs Weekend.  We found a really great vintage movie projector at a thrift store so we had to use that somehow…and I think it turned out to be so special.  I’m thinking this might be an annual tradition 🙂 We hope you love the photos as much as we do.”

Amazing! thanks to Tim & Merrill for sharing these with us

Credit: Sweet Little Photographs


  1. Wow. These are so so fantastic. Love the idea of going somewhere and then styling yourselves around the style of the place. And I’m having serious clothes/hair envy now, too!

  2. As soon as I saw the title in my reader, I thought, ‘oh, I hope these are Tims photos’. I absolutely remember their engagement session 1, because they were rad photos of course, but 2, mainly because they did them themselves. Awesome pictorial update. Glad to see you posting some things like these (the anniversary shoot photos and such) for readers that have weddings that have come and gone and are still sticking around and viewing the site.

  3. WOW. I am loving that they took them themselves, and if I had that kick-ass portfolio they have?! Woulda done it as well, they rock! Definite inspiration for future honeymoon…

  4. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. agreeing with Jeffroger. Hahaha
    And I can’t wait to do our self-portraits soon with my husband too!
    Been planning since and this stirs out my insides Ahehe
    Thanks for sharing Kat!


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