Funky Fun Fair Pin Up

June 17, 2010

Minnie wanted some funky and fun pin up style images for her model portfolio, so she and photographer Christopher headed down to the beach where there was a fun fair Рthe perfect setting. She got all dressed up in authentic vintage outfits and they had an utter blast!

Thanks to Christopher for sharing these today

Credit: Marconi Photography


  1. Post author

    Nat- if you get an instax camera (about ¬£80) you can buy the film on ebay quite inexpensively…

  2. Do Polaroid land camera with Fuji pack film, it’s 10 dollar a pack,better value, and with negatives as well! The camera also can be modified to fire strobes. A lot of fun!

  3. I absolutely love the vintage style. What a great way to have your wedding. In particular love the head piece of the lady in blue.

  4. You can simulate the polaroid look with Photoshop filters. Topaz provides one where you can create great looking Polaroid effects with any of your digital images.

  5. Erin

    Love this! Would love to work with you two in the future if you ever need someone for makeup, hair and nails!


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