Thursday Treats – 27th May 2010

Credit: via Love Shot (I heart this tumblr btw!)

So this week has been a pretty ace one. Firstly I fell in love…with the new Topshop make up range. Yes I am such a girl but the Bee’s Knees nail varnish and Coral lip polish are to die for. I’m going shopping later. I might have to make a few more purchases. It’s cheap, it’s gorgeous and it may even be a rival for the beloved Mac…shocking!

In less superficial news, on Monday I finally got to meet UK photographer Steve Gerrard who was down in London for an engagement shoot and on Tuesday I headed to The White Gallery event to meet a whole host of amazing British bridal designers and industry peeps. I can’t wait to share my report with you and for you to see what I got up to! I also rekindled my love of music this week, mainly after talking about the subject with my tattoo artist (and no, I’m not sharing the results yet – it’s not finished!) and with Steve, who as well as being a hugely popular wedding photographer, also does a lot of music photography. Being the Rock n Roll Bride and all, people always ask me what kind of music I’m into, and while as a teenager I was hugely into my rock/metal music, in the last few years I guess it’s fallen to the wayside – what with being busy and generally not being crazy about the stuff I hear on the radio. I kind of forgot about how awesome music is! That probably sounds very weird to  a lot of you huh?! Anyway, I decided to give some of my old albums and spin..and omg Deftones, Rage, Nirvana, Hole, Marylin Manson, My Ruin, System of a Down…where have you been these past few years?! I’ve missed you! 

Now please excuse me while I got rock out some more and you get your teeth stuck into this bunch of treats…

10th Anniversary shoot with a retro twist
Red velvet summer camp
Irregular Choice – toodle loo bar baby doll heels. Weird, wonderful and I love them!
Roadtrip Romance
Paris pink postcard
Love on a beach
♥ Amazing vintage brooch bouquet
♥ Attention all UK photographers! The Photography Parlour is organising a ‘shoot out’ in Bristol on 15th June – it’s free to attend and you can get some great shots for your portfolio!
♥ I heart this photographer
The Kelly Wedding

Vintage, rockabilly wedding sneak peek
♥ “My heart goes tuk tuk tuk…”
♥ Awww! Diy shaped sugar cubes
Pinned up
♥ Easily one of the best proposal stories I’ve ever heard! (thanks for sharing Hannah)
Paint war!
♥ Hello pink ruffles!
French/ Chanel inspired bridal shower
Gorgeous green dress bride and awesome multi coloured bridesmaid dresses
Horizontal pleats = good!
Timeless & Traditional (but they’re too awesome to be ‘traditional’ in my book!)
♥ This Diner Girls sesh is way too fabulous! Check out the full set on Selector Marx’ flickr

♥ Off the hook crazy gorgeous flowers
Check shirt, foot tattoos, vintage suitcases and sweeties!
♥ A rainbow wedding in South Africa
As cute as a button
Bluebelle – vintage dress
Young love
On the road – such a stunningphoto sesh!
♥ A typically gorgeous New York wedding
♥ Holy f**k! This shop is in London! I must take a trip here as a matter of urgency.
♥ New shop crush – Hot Topic is amazing! I want this swallow dress so much! Plus how awesome would your bridesmaids look in something like this? (thanks for sharing Nicole)
At-home engagement sessions are so perfectly personal. Plus I’m jealous of their house.

A veil for your ass
Crystal & Chip. Rad.
Love Lane – this vintage bride is just way too adorable
Made to Measure – I adore Lisa Redman’s dresses
Yellow cardigan over a wedding dress – cuteness overdrive
Butoh dance wedding
♥ Jena is a stunning tattooed bride
Sixties/Early seventies psychedelia wedding!
♥ Geek Chic Cute couple both in glasses
♥ Really cute Louisiana engagement
♥ Congratulations to Ashley of White Rabbit Studios and Hi Fi Weddings for her 4 year anniversary to hubby Andy! (ps and the anniversary shoot is super cute!)
Texas love shoot heaven

Fishtale Braids tutorial ♥

Fishtail Braid Tutorial from Dirty Hems on Vimeo.

♥ A handmade wedding ♥

Ashley + JR + Winston from Wild Orchid Studios on Vimeo.

♥ Just cos no-one can resist a dreaming kitty… ♥

This is definitely a Maine Coon – no other kitty would stand for this! Cuteness…♥

♥ And finally…a pretty interesting (and hilarious) debate started last night as a direct result of a post I put up about blog sponsorship/advertising and companies basically wanting something for nothing. If you’ve got time on your hands and you like a good fight (!) be sure to check it out. The comments are priceless! And a BIG thank you to everyone who stood up for me and loves the site. I wouldn’t be here without you!

Also thanks to Macy for pointing me in the direction of Penelope Trunk. She has some interesting (and also hilarious – the word of the day) things to say in her ‘How to Blog’ section. My favourite is ‘How to be a millionaire from your blog’…and it’s not in the way you think

So I hired her as my color consultant. Well, she actually said she’d do it for free.  But I would have paid her. And this will be part of my webinar: It’s not really blogging that makes you millions. It’s doing work for free that makes you millions. And I’ll tell how to decide what to do.”


  1. holy crap thanks so much for the TWO shout-outs!!! never expected to see our anniversary shoot linked/posted anywhere else…makes my heart pitter patter :):)

    xo times infinity!

  2. Post author

    my total pleasure ashley! i flipping ADORED your anniversary shoot! it was so YOU!

  3. Emma@ FCNK

    Love Thursday Treats, Adore your blog.. You Rock.
    We are honored to be included.
    The FCNK Girls XX

  4. Faye

    Great stuff as always, thanks Kat. Love your blog so much…it has been my main source of inspiration whilst planning our June wedding. Also loving how that eejit troll got smacked down yesterday…isn’t jealousy an ugly thing?!

    Quality, integrity and balls…what a killer combination! Big up yourself x

  5. Post author

    Alexis…god that shop looks incredible. when im rich im gonna get a chair and a sofa…oh and a mirror. that is a promise!

  6. Nichole

    I love love love the vintage belted dress in “The Kelly Wedding” shoot. Any chance you know who it’s by? I am looking for a vintage style dress that is not strapless and I am in love with this one!

  7. It’s really inspiring pic! For the first place pic I think it can be the best one for taking picture in pre wedding moment. Really love the pic


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