Something Blue

Jessica & Karl got married in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, in the Södermalm region to be precise, which is apparently one of the coolest  urban areas of the country. The wedding had a distinctly blue theme which perfectly reflected the countries nature. “Blue is as Swedish as it gets with it being the dominant colour in the flag” photographers Cole & Jakob told me “and a lot of that has to do with the importance of the ocean to the countries culture. Even the archipelago that Stockholm is built amongst is surrounded by the blue of the sea, and that colour was an underlying theme through the planing of this wedding.”

Jessica wore a dress by Design by Marja Collection with a beautiful handmade hairpiece by Percy Handmade and a flawless hair net made by Tied and Feathered. Karl wore a Western North Carolina tie from Me & Matilda which again matched their ‘something blue’ theme.

jessica-karl-41 copy

Thanks to Vancouver-based photographers Cole & Jakob for sharing this awesome wedding with us

Credit: Nordica Photography


  1. Ooooaaaooooowww…. it´s my daughter Jessica.

    But I have to say that the colour of the wall is a little bit strange. The original photos has MUCH stronger colours.

    And yes… they are stilll very happy together. 🙂

  2. Post author

    Translation of the above comment: “Cool to see you featured here. How did that happen?”

    Thanks to Jonas Peterson for the translation help!

  3. Anette

    I have to agree about the colors, I’ve seen some of these pics before, and the colors just popped! I wonder why they’re so muted here? Still lovely though!


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