Dressing on the Side

May 31, 2010

Sometimes we all need a break from the world of wedding-madness and could do with a sit down to look at something beautiful, pretty and fun for no real reason than the fact that it’s awesome. That’s why I’m sharing this ridiculously cool 80’s punk rock fashion editorial submitted by the super cool Galaxie Andrews.

Galaxie (I can’t get over how much I love her name) wanted to set up this shoot to help promote a local Arizona designer Donna from Dressing on the Side, who has an etsy store devoted to funky food-inspired tee-shirts. “We had a world-rocking team of designer, stylist, art director, models, all working together on this project making it completely awesome. donna even had a fashion designer cut up her shirts to give them a cool edge. We roamed around in our little western style old-town scottsdale, rented a horse carriage, ate ice-cream in an arcade, and played until sunset” Galaxie told me.

Thanks to Galaxie for sharing these with us today…Love love love 

Credit: Galaxie Andrews
Clothing: Donna Benson from Dressing on the Side
Art Director/Coordinator: alexis brunstedt
Concept/Styling: Stan Coles
T shirt Deconstruction:Tiffe Fermaint
Accessories: loveheadmistress
Hair/Make-Up: Heather Blaine
Models: Carrie, Nicole, Isabel
Location: Old Town Scottsdale, AZ