Thursday Treats – 29th April 2010

April 29, 2010


Credit: Stuart Mitchell / Walnutwax
Model: Laura Meekums (Photo used with the permission of the photographer. Please do not use this image without his permission)

Here we go my dears – Thursday link love a go-go!

Sweet & elegant picnic wedding
Vintage Love – vintage caravan engagement shoot
Green mohawk & dress + a suspension ceremony!
The weddingest town in America
Hollywood Vintage Hair Styles
Lovely picnic & guitar playing engagement
♥ Sexy, retro, cocktail bar engagement
Poem mirrors
♥ Wow! Incredible chunky resin rings. Bling-tastic!
Gifts for your bff – I want all of them!
WAY too adorable! muchos eeeeks…

I Don’t Have Time for Opportunities – and other bad excuses not to blog
Colour, texture & pattern in florals
♥ The wedding polaroids
New school veils
Always awesome
Blog sorbet
Condor’s Nest Ranch bridal
A Simply Lovely Garden Engagement Session
Fill in the blank – editable Converse – I want. I need!
A DIY Michigan Wedding (and part two)

Vera Wang partners with David’s Bridal on a lower-priced line of wedding gowns. 
Amazing venue! Le. Swoon
Crazy with cute
Yum. Yes please.
♥ Darling & cute illustrated save the dates
Happy one year anniversary + new ink!
Junkyard & derelict engagement
Yellow balloons & amazing sky
Hello gorgeous
♥ Agreed! amaze, astound, bewilder, blow away, blow one’s mind, boggle, bowl over, confound, daze, dumbfound, flabbergast, floor, knock over, overwhelm, put one away, shock, spring on, stagger, startle, stun, stupefy, take aback, awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful, avant-garde, breakthrough, cutting-edge, excellent, exceptional, extreme, first, foremost, forward, higher, late, leading, leading-edge, precocious, progressive, radical, state-of-the-art. yea. this wedding was pretty cool!

♥ Jess & Mark’s – jumping for joy – wedding
♥ My internet friend La Carmina has given herself a hair colour make over…and it’s AWESOME. Hello neon orange!
Sweet + Fun Tables
Beautiful beach wedding ( + Holga!)
Floral cutlery
Two wedding gowns are sweeter than one
City Chic
Don’t Mess With The Dress. Even if it’s “Pre-Owned”
Tammy & Will
♥ Oh Emily! The very lovely UK photographer Emily Quinton proposed to her partner last week in the most adorable way!

Tree with leaves and birds cake topper
♥ A day after shoot with a difference
Moth Eaten/black lace inspired lights – oh. my. gawwwd
Antique flea market engagement
♥ Gorgeous gothic bride
♥I did have to laugh, but whoever nominated me for this random cereal sponsored blog award thank you! If you would take the time to send a vote my way that would be fab…who knows I might win some Dorset Cereals!
Bumper personality (and cute! Nashville wedding)
♥ Gorgeousness in a vintage yellow dress
♥ Wow! Stunning tulle skirt/dress with pockets!
Wonder Woman & The Joker engagement fun
Stephanie & Danny

♥ If, like me, you’ve been eagerly waiting to see the cine film from Charlie & Ross’ ‘Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside’ shoot, then the wait is over…

Charlie & Ross from cine8 on Vimeo.

Jazz version! from cine8 on Vimeo.