Valentine’s Love Letter

February 1, 2010

This beautiful Valentine’s day/love letter themed shoot was sent to me by Alice Hu and I’m afriad I couldn’t wait until February 14th to share it with you. The shoot was put together for Fantasy Floral Designs. Amanda Heer is the original creator of the vintage brooch bouquet and for this shoot she created another keepsake bouquet called “Love Letter”.  The ‘flowers’ were made from vintage diaries and included photographs of loved ones to add another personal touch.  The invitations in this shoot were provided by Papeterie Store.

alice hu_fantasy floral_019

Thanks to Alice & Amanda for sending this over. I know people are going to go nuts for this!

Credit: Alice Hu Photography


  1. As if we could get any hotter today, this beauty has us a flutter and wishing its cool would transcend the computer…love the washed-out, rockabilly dustbowl feel, the pairing of boots, diffused sunlight and loveworn lace. XX


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