True Blood

I think you’re gonna absolutely love these! Hayley’s trash the dress/bridal shoot had two ideas behind it – a goth bride and the movie Carrie! Scary and wonderful aren’t they?

I can’t actually decide which idea I prefer as both of them certainly have a ‘True Blood’ feel to them and I am obsessed with that show! I suddenly have a very strong inclination to go watch a very scary film…maybe about sexy vampires.


Thanks to Lynette for sharing!

Credit: Picture This Photography


  1. scary & beautiful!

    i am a huge true blood fan too, and i totally see the connection!! the graveyard reminds me of the end of season one. awesome!

  2. Very freaky and cool photos. Lynette is a great photographer and fun to work with. It is no surprise that she captured the spirit of this shoot so well.

  3. Mongolian Horse Rider

    Great photos! My absolute favorite is the black and white of the bride on her side in the leaves! The depth of field is perfect, and the composition is classic. The bloody ones are just like film stills.


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