Red Heels & Wheat Bouquets

I featured Mary’s killer bridal session earlier this year – the aviators, gun and cigar really did it for me – so as always I’ve been eagerly awaiting for her wedding to Opie and I’m certainly not disappointed. I’m so excited that photographer Jenna wanted to share these with us:

On her big day Mary not only rocked finger waves (vintage chic oh lala), a consignment shop wedding dress, a DIY wheat bouquet and red heels, but she and her beloved, Opie, had a wedding pie instead of wedding cake, saw each other before the ceremony (yay!), gave homemade truffles to their guests (and their photographer as well, which doubles their coolness factor in my book), and served hamburgers as their wedding dinner.


Thanks to the every sweet, lovely and cool Jenna for sharing these today

Credit: Jenna Cole Photography


  1. Hey Jenna, these are sooo lovely..luv the Bride’s dress….and sooothing tones in the images….and you know what else i luv?
    Your logo..teehee! damn cute! me wanna get one hihihi
    Thanks for inspiring,too as much as Kat have shared daily doses always! *hugs Kat*


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