Goth ‘n Grunge

The dark feel of this trash the dress shoot is pretty damn fabulous huh? I am loving Michelle’s black fishnets, patent shoes and feathers in her hair – they certainly make for a grungy edge to the shoot. Michelle even made a dead flower bouquet to really empathise the gothic-esque feel. 


The shoot took place on Michelle & Mike’s 3 year anniversary – they wanted to have a shoot to remember the occasion and this has certainly done that!

Thanks to Gina for sharing this shoot today 

Credit: Gina Kolsrud Photography


  1. Michaela

    Beautiful pictures, they are so creative! The textures and lighting give the images a mysterious feel. The bride looks gorgeous.

  2. Az

    I love these, an amazing quality and style to the images, each of them able to stand up on their own.


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