Glorious Springtime Vintage Styles

You went totally nuts over the ‘And so we Danced’ photo shoot I shared from Elevenorchids Photography last week so it is my absolute pleasure to share some more of their work with you today.

This glorious shoot was set up for Michestyle, a young designer who loves to celebrate vintage styles and lines by adding a modern feel to them.  She takes pride in every detail and was on set to style and do the makeup, hair and to guide the model through the entire process. 


Thanks again to the awesome Annie & Benjamin for sharing their work with us. We love it!

Credit: Elevenorchids Photography


  1. Sarah

    What a breathtaking set of photos!
    The energy, and light…so refreshing and free…
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Post author

    annie: thank you so much for sending me stuff to make me look good!
    Yasmine: you defo need to book them! i am dying to see a real rock n roll wedding photographed by them.


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