Cures What Ails Me

December 18, 2009

Some call it madness, many call it obsession but when I see images like these I just have to blog them right away! Can I tell you, last night I went out with the girls for sushi and cocktails and I woke up fresh as a daisy at 8am ridiculously excited about sharing Steph & Ryan’s wedding, sent to me by the ever darling Kelty of Steep Street. Yep. I is crazy indeed.


Having never been to Fresno before, I was surprised by the riches the town would have to offer. Namely, the fortunate acquaintance of two of the funnest people I’ve met and roughly 250 of their closest friends and family. I loved Steph and Ryan’s no frills style and their guests were all friendly and hilarious, trying to drag me on the dance floor and sneak me drinks. Ryan even got up on stage to perform with his friend– how cool is that?? Enjoy a small sampling of the fun below!

Thanks Kelty for curing my hangover!

Credit Steep Street