Rainbow Wedding

As soon as I posted a sneak peek of this wedding and that dress last week you went crazy for it..I knew you would! So it is with great pleasure that I bring you the full set of images from this amazing rainbow wedding. The event took place on a beach in Australia and the bride…well…I don’t think words can justify that dress!

The whole wedding party and guests got right into the swing of it, all dressing up in suitably bright colours. Isn’t the result just fantastic!?

Edit: OMG Anya the bride just emailed me the link to her website and blog. Hell you have to shoot over there to see their day after shoot! it’s just as awesome…She has also posts mucho details about their day.


Thanks to Vanessa for sharing this amazing wedding..I know everyone is going to love love love it!

Credit: Wildberry Design & Studio


  1. Abby Hansen

    Oh my goodness. I am just plain in LOVE! The dress – aaa! – the bouquet, the “veil”, the darling flower girl…can I please start all of my wedding planning over from scratch because I’m having some major wedding envy right now!


    I’m Mother of the Bride, and I’m delighted to see Anya’s photos up! Vanessa was the perfect photographer for the day, and thanks to her, I could sit back and watch the day unfold for a wonderful wedding.

    Myself and my friends hand made the bouquet, each flower was made of ribbon by a friend who loved her, and could not go to the wedding, as she chose to marry a few thousand miles away from home!

  3. SingColleen

    I’ve loved this wedding since I first saw it a few months ago – the bouquet story is just beautiful, the couple is the cutest thing ever, and my mom totally used her ribbon veil as inspiration for mine. Thanks for posting this awesome, creative wedding!

  4. Desiree

    That dress is beautiful! I want to have a tye dye wedding theme and want a dress kinds like yours. Can you tell me where you got it? I can’t find anything!!! 🙁

  5. Jenn

    Im in love with that dress! i was going to go just purple but i love the rainbow effect!! Was there a designer for this dress? or was it handmade?

  6. Jenn,

    Anya designed the dress herself, and took her drawings to a dress maker, who carefully followed the plan, and between them, came up with Anya’s dream dress.


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