Classic Vintage with a Twist of Awesome

I am really starting to fall head over heels in love with Matt Johnson Photography…and I’m not afraid to admit it! His images are subtle, unobtrusive and captures beautiful weddings with all the justice they deserve.

Elodie & Greg’s wedding was one I fell in love with as soon as I saw the first frame. Her amazing vintage-inspired outfit, jewellery and so-now white lace gloves make me smile with glee and his rad groom style puts every other groom to shame! The no-jacket/waistcoat look is totally Rock n Roll and looks way-too-cool when matched with his boys in braces. The details of this wedding are to die for – from the birdcages, the white heart motif, the retro ‘admissions’ sign, the outdoor chandelier. Awesome.

Thanks to Matt for sharing this wedding with me. I can not wait to feature more of his work asap!
To see more of Matt’s past weddings, check out his blog – like now!

Credit: Matt Johnson Photography


  1. Siobhan

    What a beautiful wedding. I love that crystal headpiece, where can I get something similar?

  2. Its beautiful! Do you know what they did with the cherries in the cones?
    I adore the white chocolate and berries cake, and her make up!

  3. While his current website is under construction, is there one up and running where we could view more of his images. I agree. They are beautiful, subtle, and unique!

  4. Kat!!!!! these are really really fab!
    i cant wait to just get married myself ..again hehehe =)
    i soo soo lurvvv her dressssss!!!

  5. As always fixated on the cake…yummm… But, the images are great. Love the details and outfits, oh I just love it all really.

  6. Louise

    You could try the Johanna Johnson website for the headpiece. She is a Sydney-based designer who I’m sure made the dress and also does accessories. I’m living in London but getting married in Australia next year. Sadly, I discovered Johanna Johnson a little too late in the piece.

  7. Elodie

    Hi, im the bride!
    i feel so flattered to be on here!
    yes the dress and headpeice/belt were created by Johanna Johnson in sydney. Her website is great!

    The cherries were served in cones after the ceremony along with fresh lemonade. The cones are made out of folded paper doilys stappled together. (very easy)

    The shoes were CHEAP but effective, i found them in a cheap shoe shop and the brand is called Candy.

    Anymore questions i’d be happy to answer:-)

  8. Coco

    I adore the delicate flower bouquets that your bridal party carried. Are those stalks of lavender?


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