Happy Halloween – Gorgeous Goth

I thought it only right to mark this Halloween with some spooky and ghoulish wedding related posts. First up Jennifer’s bridal session, shot last Halloween. Her awesome dress was from Brides Against Breast Cancer and doesn’t she totally look the part?


Thanks to Alicia for sharing this with us.

Credit: Pure Emotions Photography


  1. Kat, it is so awesome to once again be featured on your amazing blog! We’re off soon to Howl O’ Scream tonight and all I can think is I wish I could take a bride there with me. Those would be some sick shots. 🙂 Thanks for choosing SO MANY of our photos from this shoot.

  2. i am an idiot! i was all, pretty dress and didn’t see the babc link.

    but that dress is the prettiest thing i’ve seen in a while. she looks great!

  3. Jenn

    thanks for all the wonderful comments, alicia did an awesome job and we were so happy with out pictures. I only wish that i knew the designer of my dress but babc cut out the tags so who knows, either way i still love it!

  4. rebeka

    I would love to know the designer this dress is from. I am having a Halloween wedding this year and the dress is not only perfect for the occasion it is down right stunning.



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