Top 20 Rock n Roll Weddings

Although I officially started Rock n Roll Bride in 2007 when I was planning our wedding, it is really only in the last few months that it has gained momentum and really taken off. I was going though my back catalogue today and I realised that I have posted so many amazing weddings that may not ever be seen my new readers. This is a travesty indeed as some of these amazing weddings don’t even have any comments. So behold – my top 20 old posts that you simple must go back and see…


♥ We’ve all heard of Max Wanger right? he certainly lights up blogland daily! I was first introduced to his work by his girlfriend back in November 2008 when she sent me this amazing first shoot. From then on in I (and every other blogger it would seem!) was hooked

pink7♥ It was the rockabilly style and the pink hair that did it for me. In fact it was this very bride who unknowingly convinced me to go back to pink!

2860934519_8f901181c3This was the wedding that made me fall in love with the whole outdoory, DIY ‘thing’. Before seeing this wedding I would never have thought getting married outside could be so beautiful (and sparkly!)

2836776672_1381b17727♥ This was the photo that did it for me. So much joy and happiness!

geri♥ I literally was green with envy and I went and bought that Mac eyeliner the very next day (I still wear it regularly!)

lovely1♥ I think it was her expression that I was drawn too – somber almost. I don’t know why but I was, and still am, totally transfixed by her.

698087434_cc1c7f0c10♥ I wasn’t sure when I first saw these if this was a modern wedding or and one from the 1970’s. It turns out it was a recent wedding and that this couple were just.that.awesome. Hell they got married on a boat!

chicken3♥ He dressed up in a chicken suit and she got naked. End of.

red5♥ I was instantly jealous of her ink.

knot4♥ I found this wedding whilst planning ours and wished I was crafty enough to have a wedding so awesome. I even bought a similar cake topper as they had (which never arrived..grr!)

1871334877_f467b8dd86♥ I knew Rhiannon from a wedding forum whilst we were both planning. I was instantly jealous of her wedding when she posted it (I see a recurring pattern here – what’s with my wedding envy!?) We have since become really good friends and she even designed my website header and graphics! we have got drunk together a number of times. She rocks.  

stacie♥ I am still smitten with this wedding and this couple. I was so crazy about them in fact that I posted their engagements, their wedding and their portraits.

n1♥ I discovered The Rockstar Diaries when a reader sent me in a link to their wedding. Naomi & Josh’s blog is still one of my daily reads.

daria11♥ He is a magician. She is his assistant. They got married and had an awesome 1920’s style shindig.

vegas1♥ They eloped in Vegas. Without Elvis.

pet7♥ My favourite EVER dress. For real.

nicole8Marie Antoinette styling with pink hair. The couple even made everything themselves!

chap7Simple and beautiful with an almost European feel. Love at first sight.

wonder12♥ An Alice in Wonderland themed wedding before Tim Burton remade the film and it became popular again.

3388310276_a0b6d6af6d_b♥ Dressing up for cupcakes in NYC! Kelly even sent me a beeeeautiful vintage hat from her Etsy store as a thank you for the post.

Well? What do you think?


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    looks like im going to have to do another top 20 soon. it was realy hard to narrow it down this much and it seems you like them!


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