*The* Carnival Wedding

I’m sure most of blog land will have seen and heard of The Langs before without even knowing it. Their engagements, wedding, portraits and anniversary shoot (all photographed by the uber talent that is Sloan Photographers) have certainly made the rounds and with huge justification. Yes. Wow.

So you can imaging my excitement and surprise to get an email from Stacie, one half of the duo to let me know that her and Geoff have ventured into wedding photography themselves and would I like to be the first blog to share some of their work…erm Hell to the YES I would. I predict big things for these guys. Mark my words, blog land will be all over these two within a matter of weeks.


Anyway, lets get onto the actual wedding they sent me and boy is it a beauty. Kerri & Kyle had a carnival themed wedding and I’m not talking a few little touches – I mean full out actual carnival awesomeness! The couple did everything themselves and on a very small budget but they had the full works – An actual balloon lady, bubbles, cotton candy, photo booth, popcorn, soda bar, candy bar and of course lots of dancing! AAAAmazing.

Stacie & Geoff I am honoured that you have sent your first submission to little old me. Eeek…love love love. Thank you so much for being so freakin’ awesome.

Credit: Lang Photographers


  1. Sandee

    Yes! The Langs are FANTASTIC! Loved meeting them at Ker’s wedding. They not only take greaat pics, they are super chill too.

  2. miss meanie

    wow, looks great! we’re planning a carnival wedding for next year (seems to be a more and more popular idea!!), we have a lot of similar ideas. it’s great to see so many people having fun with there weddings!

  3. LoveloveLOVE the LANGS! Not only are they so stinkin creative, but they are soooo fun to work with! They captured my wedding beautifully and hopefully had tons of fun doing it! I’m lucky I was able to hire them before they get too famous for us!

  4. Lisa

    Kyle and Kerri,

    I am so happy for both of you. The pictures look great and the wedding looks absolutely beautiful and fun. I am sorry that my family and I were unable to attend. I hope you guys have a wonderful life together. With many happiness

    Your cousin
    Lisa Goodie


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