Tattooed Lovelies Get Wed

Oh..just wow. As soon as I laid eyes on Cameron & Mike I knew I had to feature them on Rock n Roll Bride. Can you blame me?

Cameron looked just like a movie star and Mike looks so in love it can’t help but make me smile! Mike, a tattoo artist in Florida even proposed to Cameron by tattooing ‘Will You Marry Me?’ on his chest? Freakin’ awesome or what?! That’s some serious commitment – he must have been pretty sure she would say yes!


Thanks so much to the gorgeous Dawn (again!) for sharing

Credit: Dawn McCarthy Photography


  1. Super cool tattoos! kinda looks cool with the wedding dress! totally rocknrollbride material!
    I do hope I’d be able to shoot a tattooed bride here in the Philippines someday!

  2. Alana

    Dawn is such an amazing photographer, but Cameron & Mike are such a unique and awesome couple. Their love shows through in all aspects of their lives. I’m so honored to know such awesome people, Dawn, Cameron & Mike!

  3. evie

    I think she is one of the most beautiful brides EVER! And these photographs are gorgeous, too! This is an awesome site. I’m bookmarking you!!

  4. Gro

    I am so thankfull for finding youre blog! This is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen….. And the photos takes my breath away. Everything is perfect! I am getting married in august, and we are having a rockabilly wedding. I would love for it to be just like this 🙂 Ill tell everyone in Norway about youre blog. Thank you for shering 🙂


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