Rooftop Love

Ooooooooooooooh! Do I get to feature the best stuff or what?! Victoria & David had a beautiful and fun engagement shoot on a shopping mall rooftop. They wanted an urban feeling shoot and photographers Fiona & Bec chose the disused rooftop car park for the location. What I love so much about these is that they’ve used the balloons in a totally different way to how we normally see them.


Thanks to Fiona & Bec for fuelling my balloon obsession!


Credit: Carsonhall Photography


  1. Megan

    Way to go Carson Hall Photography… these guys really know how to create gorgeous photos!! how clever is the use of light and shadows.

  2. Libby Mason

    FABULOUS photos CarsonHall – there is not a single photo there I don’t love!! You gals show so much creativity & really are not afraid to try new and different things. WELL DONE 🙂

  3. where can i get i contact with this photographer – the website doesnt work – and i would like to get permission to use one of his pictures

  4. just tried to do so – but seems impossible to find carsonhall photography there.. Damn i really wanna use his picture in some advertising material.


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