Punk Rockers

Erika & Chris tied the knot at Salt Lake’s legendary Ruth’s Diner which is now owned by Erika’s parents. The diner had never hosted a wedding before but suited the couple’s laid back, rock n roll style down to the ground. Dispite living in relatively conservative Utah, it would seem that nearly every tattooed kid in the State was in attendance – from tattoo artists to punk rockers!


Thanks to the hugely talented Ryan for sharing this day with us.

Credit: Ryan Galbraith/Zumaphoto


  1. That last shot there, he’s holding a bottle from Utah’s ONLY whiskey distillery – High West. Yeah, no I haven’t tried it either – I’m a Lagavulin kind ‘o guy…

  2. Ok. These pics are freakin’ out of this world. Ryan, you are amazing.

    This Bride and Groom were also amazing! (and the entire family for that matter) I have known them for years. I was so grateful to be the florist and coordinator for this event.


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