Vintage Rural

Part three of Caroline Ghetes’ modern vintage bridal sessions landed on my online lap this afternoon and it’s a corker. This final installment has much more of a country feel – the shed, the field, the horses, the cowboy boots, the rustic, casual florals (made by Caroline herself!) – but that doesn’t stop me from having a hell lotta love for them.

The model’s dress was supplied by etsy seller Lorimarsha (it’s the same dress as used in the ‘aviation’ shoot) and her pink hairpiece was by Chamberry Cherry, who can also be found onEtsy.

Clicky here for part one and two…

Thanks to Caroline for sharing her newest work with us.

Credit: Caroline Ghetes Photography


  1. Caroline’s photoshoot is amazing! She captured such a fun, natural look with this model, Even when she was wearing my “shades of pink” fascinator! I feel like she’s in KY, checking out horses for the KY Derby! Thanks so much for these fabulous features.


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