Picture Perfect

Don’t these guys look great together!? I’m not one to make any big statement about the ‘multi-racial’ coupling of these two, because clearly it’s a non-issue, but what I do love is how picture-perfect they are as a pair – his dark skin next to hers really makes the photographs come alive and gives the images an added depth somehow. Ahh love!

Be sure to head over here to check out their South African wedding too.

Credit: Christine Meintjes Photography 


  1. I am so in love with this couple and I don’t even know them! What a stunning pair. I also saw their wedding photos. They look amazing together… Gorgeous photography. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow.


    these really are ‘picture perfect’ pictures. they look amazing together. so simple, classy. they definitely belong. i love her curls, so classy and elegant in a youthful way.

    pure bliss.


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