Clara Bows

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important news flash…Bristol photographer Rosie Parsons  has just shot one of the most gorgeously vintage style weddings right here in England. Oh yes, England rules the vintage roost today dear friends.

The couple hired a house for the occasion, Treowen in Monmouthshire and the beautiful vintage styling and crockery was supplied by Clara Bows aka Vicky Vale, the Bride! Don’t you just love the quirky 1920’s fashion everyone is sporting?..oh the swoon…


Credit: Rosie Parsons


  1. Amber

    Wow! Beautiful pictures, and such incredible detail. I popped over to her blog and am amazed she found time to make it all! I looked into hiring Treowen for my sister’s 18th, it’s a fantastic venue…but the celt in me feels obliged to point out it’s in Wales, so England has to share ruling the vintage roost I’m afraid 🙂 Still, go team UK!


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