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Indie Rock

Hello again you gorgeous creatures, I hope you didn’t miss me too much this weekend (although I was pretty rubbish at staying away – my phone kept me up to date quite nicely with Twitter and Facebook!)

I’m starting this week off with a bang, firstly with the adorably indie Leanne & Nate and their beyond perfect engagement session (helped along by Leanne’s amazing Betsey Johnson dress. I want!)¬† Photographer Noa has really been making waves in blog land over the last few months and as always it is my absolute pleasure to share this session that she sent me.


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Clara Bows

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important news flash…Bristol photographer Rosie Parsons¬†¬†has just shot one of the most gorgeously vintage style weddings right here in England. Oh yes, England rules the vintage roost today dear friends.

The couple hired a house for the occasion, Treowen in Monmouthshire and the beautiful vintage styling and crockery was supplied by Clara Bows¬†aka Vicky Vale,¬†the Bride! Don’t you just love the quirky 1920’s¬†fashion everyone is sporting?..oh the swoon…


Credit: Rosie Parsons

Prohibition Picnic

With it’s 1920’s prohibition styling, this engagement session is quite simply divine! I am loving¬†Nellie’s authentic dress, parasol and show combo plus¬†Nick’s adorable woolen waistcoat..and that pink sky…ooooh pretty pretty!

Thanks to Moe for sending these to me!

Credit: Moley Photography


Fancy a little Vogue for a Tuesday morning?¬† Well¬†set your eyes on these beauties by Cooper Carras…Please someone shoot some engagements just like this (and then send them to me¬†right away!)

Banjo & Sarah – The Engagements

I love this couple. I’m sorry but I have to share their engagements as well!¬†Do you remember the iconic¬†London magazine, The Face?¬† Well these images could have been taken straight out of their pages.
Damn you MangoRED, I was going to have a light blogging evening…that went out the door as soon as I clapped eyes on your photographs!¬†

These guys are serious rock stars…too many to post…you simply¬†must clicky here for more!

Somehow I don’t think I’m done posting¬†these guys’¬†work..there will be more!

Credit: MangoRED