Suicidal Bride!?

I love this shoot and I love the inspirational Bride in her ‘something blue’ Doc Martins, but more than that I love the story that goes along with this set.

Photographer Jennifer Williams explained:
The highlight of the shoot has got to be being pulled over by the Kern County Sheriff! Heather and I took a few shots at a bridge. Little did we know what a scene it would cause. When I left Heather sitting at the bridge while I went to get the car (her shoes were cute but not so comfortable) people called in reporting a suicidal bride getting ready to jump! Lucky for me, the sheriff thought it was really funny. When I explained we were doing a photo shoot, and there was not a run away bride wasn’t about to jump off the bridge, he sent us on our way.

Credit: Jennifer Williams Photography


  1. Jackie

    I love this idea! I love how a bride can be sexy with an edge. I also love the (something blue) docs, very unique.

  2. Arlene Williams

    So neat they your photo’s were picked. Love the story with it and love the photos.

  3. Janet K

    Love the photos! You are a very talented, imaginative photographer! Every girl should be inspired to have the wedding that reflects them! Your ideas are wonderful.


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