Alternative Asian Bridal Shoot

We don’t get to see a whole lot of alternative Asian wedding inspiration, so I was thrilled when I received this bridal shoot with an edge from School of Rock graduate Rabbia Ali Shah from the Asian Wedding Ideas blog.

“Seeing the same Asian bridal images can start to get a little repetitive”, wrote Rabbia, “and the idea of something a little edgier is one that I had been thinking about for a while. Getting people on board wasn’t the easiest of task but getting in touch with wedding photographer Priti Shikotra, changed all that. She had similar thoughts about a shoot.”

“So we both set about drafting some mood boards and Priti found a location that would give us a contrast to the usual beauty and formality of Asian weddings. The concept was to inspire modern Indian brides and to show that looking gorgeous, didn’t just mean following conventional styling.”

“We wanted to keep some bridal elements of course like the dress and the henna, but by hitting the grimy streets of Manchester and experimenting with the hair and make up we fused the traditional Asian bride with an urban element.”

Gorgeous! Thank you Rabbia & Priti for sharing these today. I’d love to hear from any of my Asian bride (and groom!) readers – have you struggled to find alternative wedding inspiration that suits you? What would you like to see more of? How are you planning your own alternative Asian wedding? You can see some more alt Asian wedding inspo on the blog here!

Supporting Cast

Photography Credit & Concept: Priti Shikotra
Styling & Concept: Rabbia Ali Shah
Make Up: Aysha Rauf
Hair: Jennifer Falon –
Model: Ritu Dave
Jewellery: Itsamistry Jewellery
Mehndi/Henna: DQ Designs


  1. My personal preference when it comes to Asian bridal looks is a glam high fashion look – probably an indication that I spend too much time looking at bridal fashion shows! but I love the inspiration behind this shoot. It can be difficult for an Asian bride to truly express herself on her wedding day because there’s usually LOTS of family involved and people giving (sometimes unwanted) advice.
    On my big day I strayed away from family traditions by choosing not to wear red!

  2. Zan

    Love this! I’m an Asian bride-to-be & love seeing anything more alternative in the Asian wedding genre. As my fiancé is Irish, we’ve already dealt with two quite different sets of expectations & have opted to just aim to have ‘stuff we like’ in our wedding! This blog is one of the only ones where I feel I see ideas we could genuinely use, so thanks for that! Have re dntly dicoverrf Rabbias too.

  3. Desi Pickle

    Not a bride to be but love the shoot. A fusion of east and west, that’s the way forward.

  4. Thank you so much for the ace comments 🙂 there is def more pressure on asian brides to conform, and this is just a small step towards showing that, like you say zan do what you like x


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