But Rain = Rainbows!

One thing you can always count on in England is the rain…it will always come when you don’t want it too. In some circles rain on your wedding day is considered the worst thing that could ever happen but it others it is seen to be a sign on good luck and prosperity for the marriage to come. I am likely to think myself that neither her of these are true and as long as you still get some damn good photographs it’s all good. Plus as soon as I saw the shot with the rainbow I was sold on the whole rainy-day photo shoot idea!

Asian weddings are full of tradition, colour (the Bride traditionally wears red) and are always an absolutely massive party (I have a friend at work who got married a few months after us and she had about 350 people at her wedding!) They also go on for about a week, with all the celebrations climaxing with a ceremony that lasts for many hours.

Thanks to Craig & Chanelle Segerius Bruce for sharing..and I am very excited because I am actually doing a photo shoot with the guys tomorrow!

Credit: Craig & Chanelle Segerius Bruce 

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  1. My husband and I were married under a very old, very large oak tree. Growing on the spidery branches of this tree is a fern like plant called a “Resurrection Fern”. It is named so for it’s ability to survive long periods of drought by curling up it’s fronds and appearing brown and dead. However, with only a little bit of rain, the plant will re-open and be green and lush again. It rained on the morning of my wedding, and stopped just soon enough (literally fifteen minutes before the ceremony) for the plant to “resurrect” and become green again.

    Obviously, I took this as a very prophetic symbol of the marriage I was entering into. It was truly a gift, and I am SO glad it rained.


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