Garden Rose

I have something to say and it may be shocking to some of you…I don’t ‘get’ Martha Stewart…what is they fascination? I’m just as crafty as the next geek but something about her repulses me just a little bit. Maybe it’s because the first time I ever heard of her was when she went to jail (I’m in the UK, not Mars by the way) or because whenever I catch her on Wedding TV (yes I am that sad…) I feel inclined to run away. I mean, she’s not very rock n roll is she?

However, I just saw this wedding on her ridiculously kitch (although it pains me to know it’s not even in an ironic way) wedding website, and despite the source this wedding is so uber gorgeous that I have to share the love.

John & Lily married in Lily’s parent’s back garden which had great sentimental value for the couple. Lily’s beautiful bouquet was made of bridal garden roses, dahlias, orchids, lily of the valley, jasmine, sweetpeas, and scented geranium, all tied together with a cute blue ribbon. She also ordered some custom Liberty fabric clutches for her Bridesmaids, each designed to fit the individual girl’s personality.

Clicky here for more images and info, and let me know – am I the only wedding obsessive that doesn’t love the Stewart?

Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings


  1. I love true Martha weddings, like the one you posted here. What I don’t like is that she’s selling wedding stuff with her name on it at Walmart, where I don’t shop for moral reasons.

  2. Vana

    Marthas weddings are killer – but then they would be she did like sell her soul to the devil for crafty skills (or so the legend goes)

    I prefer Delia …. I like old lady alchies her and Judy Finnegan are my faves !

  3. Caitlin

    In defense of Martha Stewart Weddings

    Her work and style is BEAUTIFUL, but it is also very ACCESSIBLE (because they tell you how to do/make almost everything . . .for free!).

    Yes, Martha Stewart is kind of a big, scary conglomerate, but I see the underlying goal as one of emphasizing the beauty in every day objects, and reminding us to enjoy the simple things such as making a delicious dinner or finding a “perfectly you” bouquet for your wedding.

    I’m just sayin . . . . 😉

  4. Post author

    I’m all about the free speech…she just scares me really…to darn sugary sweet!


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