Beachy Brilliance

I can’t really explain how much I love these. This totally wouldn’t be the wedding I’d have but how perfect is it for them? The cute, rustic, beachy details are pretty darn fabulous, and isn’t Lola’s Etsy hair band just gorgeous?

Jen describes the wedding:
Victor + Lola were the lovely couple. They were married in Monterey, CA at Adventures by the Sea which is a great little venue located right smack in the middle of the beach. She got ready at the Casa Munras hotel and her
buddies helped with her hair + Make-up. They went for a tropical feel
because they couldn’t get married in the spot they originally wanted which was Hawaii. Also during the bouquet toss Victor disappeared and changed into an Elvis costume (which I was told he wears most Halloween’s) and he then proceeded to do the garter toss in costume.

Credit: Jen Slot Photography


  1. I do love that hairband! Do you know which shop on Etsy it could be found? The photos are gorgeous – this couple looks so in love but also like a lot of fun.

  2. Lola

    The headband is actually handmade by a friend of mine, she makes hats as well. if you are interested just email me and I can get her info to you.

    thanks for posting the pictures, we feel so special : )


    This wedding was a blast! It was the most fun wedding I have ever been to. I’ve have family and brothers get married… and this one topped the cake. There was so much to do there, inside, outside. hang on the beach, sit by the bonfires that were set up, dance, eat, drink and be MARRY! Hands down… I thought it was awesome! This wedding totally suited Victor and Lola! Congrats to them.


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