A Fairytale Dream

Woah this dress has made my day! The tulle, the flowers, the slightly crushed off-white taffeta…it is an absolue fairytale dream.
If anybody knows who made this dress please let me know stat!

Credit: The Image is found Via Peonies & Polaroids


  1. Stephanie Alice

    I don’t know if it is a Linea Rafaelli dress but it looks quite similar in style to a few in the collection… Particuarly a dress that was in last season’s collection, but I can’t seem to find a picture of it now!

    Thankyou for the site, too. You always have such brilliant photos and it’s given me lots of ideas! It’s also great to see other UK weddings and photographers etc…

  2. Holly Steen

    Great find Kat!

    It is incredible and that photographer did an excellent job of showing the detail as well as making the couple look like they jumped from a fashion magazine.

  3. I agree…that dress deserves to be displayed in a museum…it’s like creative art. LOVE IT! Nice job with the photographs on this and she nailed it because it fits her like a glove!

  4. Jessica

    OMG that DRESS! So gorgeous! The shape is similar to mine, but I’d definitely like to know who the designer is so I can go to a store and try it on for kicks! haha!

  5. Roana

    The dress is by Ines Di Santo. Its called Veronica. I am the bride’s (Grace) maid of honor and when I first saw the dress when she had a fitting i was speechless… The dress is even more gorgeous in person, the color and all the fine details are perfectly put together. The dress is one of a kind just like bride… Enjoy!

  6. Vanessa

    What a beautiful wedding and that dress, just breathtaking! I looked it up and found on the Knot where she said her dress was made by Ines di Santo.

  7. Justine

    Amazing photos! Does anyone know who the designer is for the plum colored bridesmaid dresses? I love them!

  8. Roana Constantino

    The bridesmaid and MOHs dresses are all from Davids Bridal… They are not plum colored they are latte and chocolate brown but Davids Bridal may have it in plum… . The dresses were very comfortable.

  9. Joss

    I was just wondering where the photos were taken? The ones under the stone structure, i know its not called a gazebo, but the thing similar to that?

  10. Grace Shipley


    I can see my MOH continues to be of great help, replying when she can. I was blessed to have her.

    The pictures were taken in Ravelo, Italy. It’s south or Rome, off of the Amalfi Coast. I call it a gazebo too! It’s my gazebo picture! Our photographers Nate and Jaclyn (check them out on …theblog is found.com) did an amazing job!!!


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