Rose Tinted

May 9, 2009

Jenn & Ron had a gorgeous wedding, perfectly captured by Darbi G and her second shooter Erika Jackson. The photography even gives the day a rose-tinted glow. The resulting images truly appear to reflect the over-all feel and emotions of the day don’t you think? I can totally imagine being at this beautiful, soft, rose-tinted wedding!
Also can you believe Jenn actually made her amazing 2-piece dress (including corset) herself?!
The henna on her hands doesn’t at all look out of place in among the personal touches and details of this wedding.  Everything feels tranquil, soft, homely and personal. I am smitten!

Credit: Darbi G  & Erika Jackson


  1. Craig Dearsley

    I love the clean look of this wedding, and that ink is amazing, the dress works perfectly to show it off. I will be pinning some from this!

  2. Love the veg! and the dress but most of all that tattoo is amazing! Love how the peacock inspiration floated into other things.

  3. I absolutely love the tattoo and the fact that she had the option of showing it off. It is such a beautiful accessory to the rest of the bridal outfit. The dress was very unique and from what I read she also managed to find a budget-friendly version of her favorite gown. That is always a cherry on top. I have to agree with one of the comments the wedding itself was very “clean”. The details weren’t too much and I agree with the couple, by keeping the decor simple they let the venue and its beauty shine.
    Congrats to the happy couple and kudos to the vendors as well as the photographer, very beautiful photos. Also kudos to RNRBride for the post!

  4. Sharon

    Beautiful wedding, inspired theme! Especially with the impending release of the Gatsby film soon. The tattoo is a definite show-stealer in itself.

  5. Katie

    I am totally in love with that tattoo. Would love to have some ink, and that’s going right to the top of my inspiration list.

  6. Vicki

    Wow. As a fellow tattooed bride with a vintage/peacock theme, hopefully a cheese-wheel cake, and those exact shoes, I am in awe. Love love love!

  7. Beautiful! I was married at Nonsuch so lots of happy memories 🙂
    Love the beautiful mini veg and the lace gloves!


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