Original Rock Original Roll

May 12, 2009

Sorry I have been a bit MIA today…how very unlike me! However there was some serious drama at my day job (gah!) and then I went to meet my bestest friend for yummy thai food and shopping. Time to catch up!

I really do have the best readers ever. You make my job so damn easy sending me stuff like this!
The Bride, Jen, wrote me a cute little email with her submission:
What a fabulous site you have!  Too bad I’m finding you now (a year post nuptials) despite spending hours during the planning stages googling everything anti-bridal!  Anyway, wanted to share our rock n roll wedding in brief.  I sing in a band so there’s *literally* some rock n roll, and my husband is into wine, nature and beautiful food.  We combined it all in our Northern California wedding.  We married in an old de-consecrated Gothic chapel (with our darling pug, Siddartha, in tow) and then hosted dinner for our 60 guests in an off the beaten path restaurant overlooking the bay.  The setting was simple and natural, and the food was local, organic and delicious (like my husband.)  Later, some bandmates and I busted out a few tunes…though after all that wine, perhaps we should have saved it for the stage?  Nah, it was fun.  Anyway, here are a few pics.  Our photographer was the magnificent Jennifer Skog.  And our band (check us out!) is The Gun & Doll Show.

Credit: Jennifer Skog