Fancy A Bit On The Side?

March 25, 2009

I have been overwhelmed with the lovely lovely comments I’ve received from everybody in response to my new photographs, not only on here but on Rosie’s blog, on my twitter and on facebook too!  Fancy some more?  Doesn’t Rosie just rock your world? She does mine!  Love love love them…

Credit: Rosie Parsons


  1. The light is gorgeous and you are looking pretty good too 🙂
    I was thinking of booking myself on to the Photography Farm as I love Lisa’s photography, and now I wish I had. I’m looking forward to seeing the video.

  2. Do you know what the name of the irregular choice shoes are by any chance..pretty much exactly what im looking for! But can’t find them on their website =(!

  3. Lush Photos from Lisa, feeling all nostalgic, take me back to the farm!! Had such an amazing time there, really enjoyed every single minute of it! You look stunning Kat as expected, such a brilliant subject to photograph. Looking forward to showing you some of mine 🙂

  4. Post author

    Cyanide Kiss – they were a really old style actually and we added the sparkles ourselves. maybe you could do something similar?

  5. Oh it look lush!! And you’re so brave to hold a chicken! I could not have done that, even though it’s an ultra cool looking one!! Can I have your shoes please?

  6. Post author

    Boo i cant believe i did it either! anything for a good photograph though haha. it was surprisingly well behaved

  7. Cha

    I LOVE THIS DRESS !!!!!!!! This is exactly the kind of dress I want for my wedding next year !!!! I HAVE TO go to London !!!!

  8. wowie…. I love these! Gutted I couldn’t attend. The over the rainbow scheme works so well with the rock&roll twist 🙂 can’t wait for more!!

  9. Waaaaaaaa – these are so beautiful! Kat you are stunning, even holding that manky chicken 😉 Anyone who’s thinking about it – book yourself on to the next Photography Farm asap – it was the most amazing inspiring experience, made extra special by all you talented people who were involved. Thank you xx

  10. RachyLou

    I love your usual pink, punky rock chick look more than anything in the world but look how freakin’ GORGEOUS you look here!! All soft and angelic…. some of my fave photos you’ve ever done I reckon xo

  11. So very not “girl” of me… I have never mastered the art of fake eyelashes. With that said, Yours look great but slightly painful. You look fabulous

  12. Post author

    haha Rachel i had THREE pairs on! (one on the bottom and two on the top) not painful but kinda heavy 😛

  13. EEEEK!!! (It’s a rare occasion I eeek! 😉 ) You look absolutely beautiful! LOVE the hair, the dress and the shoes!!! Love love love!!!

  14. Heather Foster

    Wow! We love these images! The light is A.mazing and you look stunning. Can’t wait to see the rest …and ours of course to 😉 xx

  15. STOP. What an amazing idea, and you look like a sweet little bonbon! (side note: I had sparkly red platforms all picked out for my high school graduation. ‘rents enforced the school rule of wearing white shoes. one last twist of the knife from my public school education 😉

  16. Holly Deacon

    missing all my farmers …. what an amazing few days … i can highly recommend it to anyone! Amazing meeting Lisa Devlin and Kat of course … the whole thing rocked!!

  17. I bloody love you ..even more now i’ve finally met you! The Photography Farm was an amazing experience i’ll never forget. Met some wonderful people as well as the chance to see, work and learn from the goddess Devlin. Want to do it all again 🙂 Thank you all the team that made the photography farm x x x

  18. Wunderbah!! I am feeling all german as I just got back from there today, but theres no Place like home!!
    Kat you look super cute…loving the Rainbow!!
    Absolutely beaut shots, Ms Devlin is a very talented ladyx

  19. Photography Farm was the most amazing experience, I smile everytime I think about it. What Lisa Devlin put together was mega and Kat you were a big part of that. Way to go!


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