Picnic Bride

Once Wed is one of my most favourite wedding blogs.  I especially love the real weddings posts (can you tell!?)…If you’re a fan out the outdoorys, backyard, hippy chic wedding, I urge you to clicky here and here to go check out more info on this amazing wedding she posted today (especially the Bride’s vintage embellished dress from her great-great-aunt!)

Some exciting news!  Jennifer from One Wed (Not to be confused with Once Wed!) has asked me to be a Rock n Roll guest blogger on her new blog, Savvy Scoop.  Stay tuned for more details!

Credit: Nancy Nell Via Once Wed


  1. such a lovely wedding…i love the dress & i love the setting…also, love that they did a potluck…we almost did a potluck, but my dad decided to pay for catering {local, organic italian picnic, of course} as a gift…
    thanks for posting…


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