Blatant Favouritism

I really try not to have favourites – I feel like a Mother favouring one child over another…but I’m afraid I have to admit, Tara Kneiser of Dixie Pixel is probably one of my all time favourite photographers and blogging buddies (sssh! Oh God, now I feel totally guilty!)

We met (as in online met) probably about a year ago when the old (RIP) Rock ‘n Roll Bride was still going, and I remember Tara telling me how she was desperate to shoot a really Rock ‘n Roll wedding…well finally I think she has got her wish!
Tara uses a combination of Holga and digital work, creating a unique and beautiful perspective of the world and a totally different take on the usual wedding photography.

The main reason she sent me this wedding was due to the shoes!  How on earth did she know I would love them?!

Credit: Dixie Pixel


  1. Courtney

    I love Tara and the way she takes pictures… she is absolutely amazing and thank you for featuring our wedding on your page!! =D

  2. I definitely love her. She lives very close to my old hometown and I tried with all my might to get Jonathon to let me use her for our second engagement session. But alas. No go.


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