Wedding Bee Bride – Joanne

Weddings like this one make me so happy!  Everything I love – tattoos, (brightly) coloured hair, aviators, white dresses (awesome contrast to the kick arse tats!) brightly coloured backdrops, fun and gorgeous bridesmaids…

Check these out for yourself  and I dare you not to fall in love.

Credit: Joel Flory via Wedding Bee


  1. Kat, Thanks for posting these. I noticed the slideshows on their pages were down so I fixed those and they are up and running now. I am going to be blogging their wedding shortly so stay tuned for some more amazing pics. Their wedding was off the hook. Joanne and Jonathan or Joannathan as we called them are the best ever. Jonathan is an amazing photographer in his own right and shoots with me sometimes. Be sure to check out his site at

    Thanks again for posting these!


    I’ll never forget that day! It was so awesome and our photographer Joel Flory was AMAZING!

    He provided everything and more and was there when we least expected him throughout the day.

  3. I love it… Brings tears and joy into my eyes to see such individualism! It fits their style and absolutely very modern and Rock N Roll! All the colors are well thought out and flow absolutely deliciously! You rock Joanne!

  4. Jennifer

    JoJo, you had the most beautiful wedding, great hair, Shoes, clothes, the colors. The best part though was the joy of you two getting married. Love you both, and of course Airis!


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