Pin Up Glamour

Let the glamour wash over you and inspire you to be more like this in your daily life…or alternatively just check these out and enjoy the experience.  I would love to do another boudoir photo shoot – in a pin up stylee!

Check out La Photographie’s Flickr for much much more!

Credit: La Photographie


  1. I know I don’t comment a ton, but I do read your blog everyday… sometimes more.. and I love your style! I adore the wedding porn you feature. It always makes me happy and smile. You do a kick ass job. Keep it up!!

    PS. I heard a rumor that you are a suicide girl. Can I mention how awesome that is?

  2. Post author

    Where did you hear that rumor?..I don’t know if they would have me but I would totally love to do it hehe!


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