Circus Freak (In A Good Way!)

February 27, 2009

This i

s a circus wedding if ever I’ve seen one!  Erm…WOW is all I can say!  The guests seem to have totally got into it too, check them out all dressed up, isn’t it amazing!?  I wouldn’t have known who to spend the whole day staring at…what a feast for the eyes this is.  Pure gothic heaven at it’s best.

The Bride’s dress was made by Skin Graft Designs and the wedding took place at The Madre Grande Monastary

You really must clicky here for more!

Credit: Pixie Vision


  1. christina

    i love that you featured this wedding! Skin.Graft is actually my friend’s company. ..he was at our wedding!

  2. oh…and i’m so glad i found you again, i lost you after you switched urls. i didn’t know what happened!!! you just disappeared from my google reader…all is well now!

    speaking of urls, your skin.graft link isn’t working…
    but again, awesome post.

  3. Post author

    oh thanks I will change it :o)
    Yeah I was a dufus and accidently deleted my blog so i couldnt even inform anyone of the new url! i was sooo annoyed as you can imagine. I do think the new and improved rock n roll bride is much better tho, dont you?


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