Colourful Norwegian Wedding with a Bride in a Moomin Valley Wedding Dress: Ina & Åsmund

Karina Jensen

November 27, 2014


As soon as I saw just one photo of Ina‘s incredible handmade Moomin Valley (!!) wedding dress, I knew this was a wedding that I HAD to feature. There really are no words! The couple were married in Risør, a small town in the south of Norway. The day took place at the groom’s parent’s home, a yellow house on the countryside, with a big garden full of fruit trees.


“We wanted our wedding to be like us; fun, colourful, non formal, friendly and outside the box,” wrote the bride. “We didn’t want to go by the book, and didn’t want the wedding to be ‘just another wedding’. We wanted a summer party with great friends and family, feeling relaxed and happy, and that’s just what we got.”


“We had the party at our family’s place, which really saved us money. We also ordered food by a great independent chef, instead of using caterers. We really didn’t want anything fancy so we didn’t have a DJ or a band, and we did most things ourselves. We didn’t have a wedding cake, instead some of our family members baked us cakes and others bought the décor at inexpensive places. The flowers on the dinner table was taken from my parents’ garden.”


“There really is nothing we would have done differently”, she continued. “We’re surprised it went so perfectly! It really was a fantastic day, where everything went according to plan, everyone was happy and it was just amazing. We’re so happy! We would tell other engaged couples to relax and just follow your heart. And don’t take it so seriously! Have fun, don’t be afraid to step outside the box and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to help you out.”