Top 10 Non-Real Wedding Features of 2018

Although the majority of the content we publish on Rock n Roll Bride is real weddings (because, hello, perving over all the awesome weddings our readers have is literally the best!) some of our most viewed articles tend to be the more long-form advice/ inspo or just plain random stuff… Like my kitchen makeover reveal. That has shit-all to do with weddings but you guys LOVED seeing what we did with the room! Note to self: Do the DIY projects faster next year so I can show you more room makeovers!

So, for your viewing pleasure, and without further ado, here are our top ten most viewed non-real wedding articles of 2018. ENJOY!

1. Minimalist Pub Wedding Shoot Inspired By Neil Gaiman

2. A NSFW, Super Intimate Engagement Shoot

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Skulls, Taxidermy & Dead Things: An Elegant Gothic Wedding with a Classically Beautiful Twist

Public service announcement: If you’ve been trying (and failing) to convince your more conservative family members that a skulls, taxidermy and dead things wedding can totally be elegant and classy and not at all scary… then show them this wedding RIGHT NOW. As if by magic, your argument will be won. Sophie and Richard, we salute you!

They were married on the August bank holiday weekend at the beautiful Morden Hall which is set in the grounds of a National Trust park in South London. The theme of the day was influenced by the bride’s love of dead things and classic glamour.

Inspired by Carrie’s wedding outfit in the Sex and the City movie, Sophie wore a stunningly dramatic gown by Ian Stuart, perfectly accessorised with a taxidermy pheasant headpiece made by Flora & the Fox. “Although I’m not really a Sex and the City fan, I was inspired by Carrie’s bridal look from the film. I also really love Ian Stuart’s dresses, and after seeing Kat’s Antoinette dress in the Rock n Revolution photo shoot I just knew I had to have it!”

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Issue 24 is Now Available for Pre-Order!

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£4.99 9.95

Cover shot by Sara K Byrne

If there’s one thing I think would possibly make Rock n Roll Bride magazine better… its MORE Rock n Roll Bride magazine! Which is why I’m super excited to introduce you to issue 24, our first ever BUMPER ISSUE. That means this issue has more pages, more real weddings and more wedding planning inspo and advice that EVER BEFORE. We’ve upped the page count for the first time and all for the same £4.99 you’re used to. I know, we’re just too damn good to you.

The issue is now available for pre-order via our shop page (with free UK postage and worldwide shipping available). The issue will be available in UK stores from January 3rd, but if you want to ensure you nab a copy, and maybe have it land on your doorstep (in our signature shiny pink packaging) before the shops even get a sniff of it, then you can subscribe or pre-order this single issue right now.

Here’s a little sneaky peek of just some of the content you’ll find inside…And yes, that is a real bride gracing our cover. What a bloomin’ BABE, just you wait until you see the rest of the wedding. I mean damnnnn.

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Top 10 Weddings of 2018: Reader’s Favourites

I always find it so fascinating to see which weddings are the most popular with our readers. Some can be quite a surprise whereas others, as soon I see them, I just KNOW you’re going to love them! Below are the ten most popular weddings (in terms of website views) that we featured in 2018.  Did your favourite make the list?

Click the links above each image to see the full features in all their glory!

1. Greek Mythology Inspired Elopement in the Dominican Republic

2. Sassy and Romantic Two-Day Festival Wedding in the Welsh Mountains

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Goodbye 2018

2018 has been a year of tremendous ups and downs. On the one hand SO many incredible things have happened:

I wrote a book!
– Each issue of the magazine outsold the one before it!
– I hired more people for our team!
– We got so many boring yet important behind-the-scenes business things sorted that I’m finally starting to feel like I have some semblance of my shit together (it only took a decade right!?)

But at the same time, 2018 has been a toughie. I’ve struggled with my mental health and body image bullshit a lot more than I have in quite a long time. However, as the year drew on, I’ve been making a real conscious effort to figure out what’s going on in my brain and working out what the specific situations or triggers are that make me feel worse (and then making changes to protect myself from them). In actual fact, although it’s been hard at times, overall, I know I’m making better decisions to protect myself and continuing to push myself in the right direction… Most of the time. I’m still very much a work in progress!

I have also learnt a hell of a lot in the past year. In particular about time management (having to fit writing a book into an already packed schedule will do that to you!) about delegation and how incredible it can be to find people you trust enough to off-load the tasks you can’t do yourself anymore (I’m one of those people that always wants to control everything!)

I’ve also thought a lot more about the financial side of the business. I’ve always stuck my head in the sand a little bit when it came to talking or thinking about money. It made me feel uncomfortable and icky and whenever I looked at our accounts, I would judge myself, and our business, based on how much money was in them. It was a sucky place to be. This year I have absolutely put my big girl pants on when it comes to that stuff and have started to educate myself more about how things work, I feel incredibly proud of myself!

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Edgy yet Simple Wedding at a Farmer’s Market

If you weren’t expecting to see a wedding today where the bride looks like a straight-up SUPERMODEL then, dear reader, you were very wrong. There is something so magically simple yet bad-freakin’-ass about this wedding. Chloe and CJ didn’t go overboard on the extras or the details, the little touches were minimal but the perfect amount of edgy and personalised. I mean they created custom enamel pins for their wedding favours for goodness sake. ALL the wedding goals coming at ya…

They were married in October at Growing Hope Market Place. a farmer’s market in Ypsilanti, Michigan, while a restaurant across the street was transformed into the perfect spot for the reception. “I have always been a fan of Rock n Roll Bride and good old fashioned staying true to ourselves”, began Chloe. “All the kick ass couples you feature inspired us! Seeing other couples pave the way gave us the push we needed to really make our wedding feel like it was for US and not the guests.”

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