Enchanted Medieval Fantasy Wedding

Erica Dragon Photography

January 9, 2024

In a celebration that seemed to leap from the pages of a fantasy novel, Kyndal and Nate brought their medieval dreams to life with a budget of just $10,000. Their wedding, set in an enchanted forest theme, was a testament to their love for Renaissance fairs, Dungeons & Dragons and all things mystical.

The ceremony was a beautiful blend of alternative music and ancient rituals. “We did a ring exchange and a handfasting ritual,” Kyndal explained. But what truly set their ceremony apart was the sea of bubbles through which they exited to.

All of the table decorations and the arch that they got married under, were custom-built by the bride’s aunt. The flowers came from a wholesaler and their fiends and family helped them make all the decorations.

“Don’t let anybody tell you what your perfect wedding should look like,” they advised. “This is a big day so make your wildest dreams come true. Having a wedding is a big, hard, expensive, stressful and sometimes daunting task, but if you’ve found the right person and you want to have that one magical night then everything is worth it in the end.”