Colourful Yet Edgy Vegas Elopement Planned in Less than a Month

Torie Sweeney Photo

October 2, 2023

A traditional wedding was never on the horizon for Tori and Calob. They envisioned a day that reflected their adventurous spirits and fun-loving personalities. Inspired by las Vegas itself, they planned their elopement in under four weeks! 

They wanted the day to embody the essence of vintage Vegas with with a playful and edgy twist. “We liked the idea of matching the Little White Chapel “, Tori told us, “so Calob had some vintage cherub suspenders and I had cherub earrings from Regal Rose to fit the theme!”

Sometimes, love can’t wait. After Calob’s spontaneous proposal while Tori was taking a bath, they decided to get married as quick as they could.  With just four weeks to plan, the quick timeline brought its share of challenges, but it also added an element of thrill and excitement to their adventure. “We may not have been as prepared as we would have liked, but it was more than we could ask for,” Tori reflects. “We also didn’t tell anyone we wanted to surprise everyone.”

Despite the spontaneity of their elopement, Tori and Calob managed to keep their wedding costs in check. the chapel offered an affordable wedding package at just $200 and they scored their wedding outfits at fantastic prices. Tori’s Selkie dress was secondhand, and Calob’s attire was a combination of tiems from random stores to get the best prices!”

Tori and Calob’s journey reminds us that a wedding is not about extravagant spending but about celebrating your love authentically. They encourage future couples to follow their hearts, have fun, and prioritise what truly matters. “You get married one time so do it exactly how you want”, Tori concluded. “We did and I am so grateful.”