Y2K Revival Wedding Shoot with the 13 Going on 30 Dress!

Jessika Christine Photography

March 14, 2023

Y2K may have been 23 years ago, but the style of the late 90s and early noughties is making a comeback. Think slicked back hair with those essential skinny face-framing strands, bold eyeshadow and frosted tips. 

Throwing it back to Y2K with a styled shoot, Jessika Christine Photography was inspired by the vibe of the hair and make-up that’s regaining popularity. She told us, “I always thought the 90s hair/make-up and vibes was ridiculous when I was a kid, but as I grew up I loved it more and more.”

Wanting to capture the trend in a styled wedding shoot, Jessika created the image of a fun-loving young couple, complete with glitterball adorned cake and sparkly streamers for good measure.

Choosing a dress was easy – opting for a replica of a dress from the 2004 romantic comedy movie 13 Going on 30. “How could we not?!” Jessika explained. The colours of the dress set the tone for the shoot, with tie-dye keeping the retro vibes. Bold blue eyeshadow and a contrasting eyeliner bring the year 2000 screaming back, with bright florals and kitsch heart-shaped cake in the same shades.

With S Club 7, Steps and the Spice Girls all making a comeback, it seems only natural that the trends and fashion of the 90s and 00s returns too. The question is will we see a resurgence of noughties wedding trends? Strapless dresses, cupcake towers and super bright florals all have their place in your wedding if you love them! So, grab your glitterball deely-boppers, wide leg jeans and cut out tops and embrace all that Y2K brought us!