Modern Monochrome Vegas Wedding with a Pizza & Karaoke After Party

Rachel Artime

August 31, 2022

Vegas natives Hailee and Tyler wanted their wedding to reflect their personal style and so went for a modern monochrome colour palette. They hosted their reception in their own home, with just 35 guests, and so it was important to them that their personal style flowed seamlessly into the wedding theme.

“We had lots of black and white, and then then we had checkered accents”, explained the bride. “For the other aspects such as the fonts, florals and the cake I wanted to keep a more vintage and romantic style. The florals had dreamy, fluffy textures. We also had a silver heart-shaped piñata that we filled with mini booze bottles, our favourite candy and custom temporary tattoos of us and our cats. For dessert we served vegan and gluten-free ice cream sandwiches that had our wedding colours and initials on them!”

Having their reception at home certainly kept things personal and budget-friendly, but it wasn’t without it’s challenges. Hailee continued, “We had our reception tables stretched out along our backyard under beautiful twinkle lights, but mother nature had other plans for where we would have dinner that night. The wind picked up and it started SNOWING.. in VEGAS, right before our dinner!”

“Our wedding planner told us they could grab a tarp from the store, or we could bring everything inside. We decided to bring the whole reception inside and it was honestly so amazing to watch. Both our families and our closest friends were outside in the snow grabbing what they could and re-setting up our tablescapes down the hallway and kitchen in our home. We all took turns lighting candles with our party favour matches, poured champagne and enjoyed conversation. It was so much more of an intimate and special dinner than we could have ever planned. We will forever cherish how all our vendors and guests turned a sucky situation into one of the best memories of our day. Best. Day. Ever.”

“I loved how perfectly imperfect our whole day was. Everything seemed to not go as planned, between Elvis being late to our ceremony, the reception snow, or our champagne tower fail… But those moments showed just how uniquely ‘us’ the entire wedding day was.”

Their biggest spend was on flowers, as they were a really important element to their theme. “It wasn’t surprising that we spend the most on florals since that was one of the most important parts of our day from the start!” Hailee said. “Florals complete the whole vibe of your theme and really tie together your entire wedding. Without them I feel like our day would have looked a lot more boring. I don’t regret any penny! The best part is that I got them preserved so I get to admire them forever.”

“Having an intimate 35 person guest list was the best decision we made even if it may have hurt a few feelings”, she concluded. “Our advice to other couples would be, whatever the size of your wedding, hire a wedding planner ASAP! They will ask questions about aspects of your day that you would never think to bring up. And you can never start planning too early. The stress of getting last minute details together is not worth the wait.”