Gothic Geek Wedding with Skulls, Tequila & a Donnie Darko ‘Frank’ Mask

Scott Spock

October 1, 2021

Abby and Jack’s April wedding was influenced by their love of skulls, tequila, music and their favourite films and TV shows – ‘gothic geek’ is how they described it to their friends.

They incorporated Lord of the Rings and Nightmare before Christmas into their vows and had a Star Wars cantina band on loop for 10+ minutes while they signed the register. The newly married couple walked back up the aisle too Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, the perfect upbeat song to to get the celebrations underway, and of course they had some great tunes playing during the wedding breakfast, too.

“We wanted the day to reflect us and to not be a completely traditional wedding”, Abby told us. “I was on Pinterest a lot and took bits that I liked to make our own. We’re not the most imaginative couple, but I like to think that we did ourselves proud. We did keep some traditional things though; I wore white (despite friends guesses that I’d be in black or purple!) and we still had the speeches and first dance.”

The day was held at Newton Hall in Northumberland the bride bought the second dress she tried on and she paired it with Sally from Nightmare before Christmas inspired shoes from a seller on Etsy. “I’m sure that there are lots of things that we did that others have done, but to us ours was unique and perfect because we weren’t trying to fit into a pre-made mould. We did everything that we wanted to do to make it memorable for us.”

“I have so many favourite moments, its so hard to choose just one. Jack’s speech was amazing and it was very nice to hear him tell everyone what our relationship means to him, very touching. I also loved to see how proud my dad was, when he came to get me before the ceremony and when he handed me over to Jack, he was absolutely bursting and I’ll never forget seeing him so happy for us. My last part is when everyone was taken to be seated for dinner and Jack and I got 10 minutes to ourselves with a margarita to just relax and catch our breath. It was so good to just take it all in and check in with each other.”

“After all the build-up, the planning and anticipation, I would have to say the best part of the day was the big reveal of Abby’s dress and seeing her walk down the aisle towards me”, Jack explained. “Her dress was stunning and her hair immaculate as she clutched her dad’s arm and strode towards me with a tear in her eye. She took my breath away with how amazing she looked and I felt like the luckiest man on the planet. It is a moment that will stay with me forever.”