Low Key New York Winter Wedding on the Lunar New Year

Everly Studios

August 13, 2021

Harn and Robert picked February 12th 2021 as their wedding date as both being New York transplants who came to love New York City together, they wanted to pay homage to the iconic 212 area code. It incidentally wound up being the Lunar New Year too – another great occasion to celebrate!

The inspiration behind the day was just to have a genuine, easy, stress-free celebration with their (geographically) closest friends. They are still hoping to have a bigger and more inclusive party one day when travel is safer for everyone.

“We didn’t have a specific theme, but tried to incorporate red for Lunar New Year”, Harn said. “Robert and I are both low-fuss kind of people, so we were really happy that the wedding wound up representing us well in that way. Our favourite parts were how all of our guests were so eager to help out, from the set up to AV to clean-up – the wedding made us realise more than ever what incredible friends we’re surrounded by!”

They used a lot of Etsy artists and vendors for their day. Their floral arch, the flower petal confetti and most off the bride’s jewellery came from Etsy stores in an effort to support small businesses. “Close friends of ours shipped us red fabric lanterns (balls?) for a CNY-flavoured accent and the rest of the d├ęcor luckily came with the venue. The floral arch was delivered in pieces and (thankfully!!!) put together by our amazing guests!”

“It’s cheating to say, but the whole day was a highlight”, the bride concluded. “I did really love getting out of my dress and make-up at the end of the day to just CHILL with our friends though!”



  1. Rachel

    Yes!!!!! Get a papercutter!!! I was able to beg and borrow one from work. . . And I couldnt have done without it. On a more serious note. . . I think if there was only one piece of advice a bride saw in the run up to their wedding. . . It should be Jessica’s last paragraph there. You said it girl!

  2. Firstly, those flowers are just stunning! I love Jessica’s attitude to what does and doesn’t need to happen on your wedding day – why do something if you’re really not interested in doing it, it’s your day – do it your way!

    Oh and the paper cutter tip is a definite must. I recently wrote a post on how to DIY your own wedding stationery and getting the right tools will make it so much easier.

  3. What a brilliant wedding. I totally agree with Jessica – do what you love as a couple, even if other people don’t think it necessarily screams “wedding”. We had a New Orleans jazz band, teapots and loads of birds as they are things we love and we wanted them on our day. And do you know what, it was amazing! x
    PS: the cat ears ROCK! x

  4. What a lovely post! Thanks for the shout-out Jess, and for bringing me on to the vendor team to capture your wedding day – and for wearing so fiercely rocking rhinestone cat ears! So fab!


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