Florence and the Machine Meets Groovy 1960s Inspired Wedding

3B Photography

July 23, 2021

Steph and Craig didn’t necessarily have a specific theme for their wedding, but went for an eclectic mix of their personal style – Craig in an Oxblood bespoke suit and Steph in a flower child inspired WIllowby by Watters dress which gives us all the Florence and the Machine vibes!.

The day was held at The Drake Commissary, a restaurant in Toronto, and they wanted any décor they brought in to compliment the space. They went for a mid-century meets groovy aesthetic through their signage (designed by a friend) and brightly coloured florals.

They had a smaller ceremony with only their closest friends and family (25 people) before their larger reception of around 80 people. “We had a local bluegrass band, The Dirty Dishes, play the first hour of our reception”, Steph said. “They covered some songs from the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack along with many of their original songs.”

“For more of a personal touch I made a corkboard full of photos throughout our lives, before and after we had gotten together. Our guestbook was casual, handwritten notes on cue cards pinned to another corkboard with peoples photo strips from the photobooth. We did the outdated (but very fun) rehearsed first dance to Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. We also did the weird Jan dance from The Office episode ‘Dinner Party’.”

“The best thing about planning our wedding was making all of the little choices to accent our venue and our personalities”, Steph concluded. “The only thing we’d change is I think we would have had an even smaller wedding. By wedding standards our wedding was small but I think I would have enjoyed more intimacy.”