Moody, Abandoned Church Elopement in Italy

Sebastian Bonacchi

April 30, 2021

Travel lovers Valentina and Daniele chose an abandoned church near Città di Castello in Perugia, Italy, as their wedding ceremony location. Choosing to elope meant they could hike to their chosen spot with just their photographer in tow, and then have the intimate ceremony that they really wanted.

“For us, making the decision to spend the rest of our lives together meant starting an adventure and facing a risky and charming challenge which will turn into a wonderful one”, the bride writes. “That is what we thought about as soon as we got engaged and so that’s also the way we wanted our wedding day to feel.”

Having a low key wedding didn’t mean they kept things simple though, the bride wore two dresses (she hiked in one and the second was stuffed into her backpack!) and they hired Tree Events to organise and style the day for them. They handled all the décor, the cake, the food – everything!

The ceremony was the key moment of the day for this pair, “It was a concentration of emotions and adrenaline”, Valentina said “It is difficult to explain it, certain emotions are beyond words.” They exchanged rings which the bride made herself and recited their own special vows.

“It was such a crazy, exciting and incredibly amusing day! That was exactly the kind of adventure we had been dreaming of.”