Colourful Vegas Wedding with a Chotronette Dress

Devin Jimenez

January 14, 2020

Liam and Tara’s September wedding was inspired one thing; their journey together. Meeting at 17 and being each other’s first loves, they’ve had a rocky road to get to where they now are and so wanted to celebrate not only the things that they like together, but also as individuals. This translated as a fun, geeky mismatch of inspirations; comic books, unicorns, Disney, Alice in Wonderland… the list goes on!

With a £2,500 budget though, they didn’t focus on material things, instead ploughing their funds into creating experiences; booking to get wed in Vegas so they got a trip out of the day too, DIY-ing elements together in the run up and working together to make the experience fun for their guests as well as themselves. “It’s should be all about the marriage,” explained Tara, “and not just the one day – so we didn’t stress about the little things and just had fun with it!”

Tara made around 30 roses out of comic book paper and used them for various things; in her bouquet, as brooches for the bridal party and on the dinner table as decor. Not only were they budget friendly, but they still have them dotted around the house as a memento of their day. Together they accessorised their jackets with patches, keyring and acrylic paint, and put together hangover kits for their guests to help with the morning after. 

Tara didn’t have bridesmaids, and in lieu of assigning specific outfits to the bridal party, they just told everyone to dress colourfully and comfortably – coincidentally everyone wore pink and floral so looked the part! Tara wore a Chotronette dress, with Vivienne Westwood skull earrings and a Butler and Wilson skull necklace, a gift from her grandmother who was unable to fly out for the ceremony. Liam wore an ASOS suit with Marvel belt and Joker trainers, with best man and his dad donning nods to comic book culture too. 

Their ceremony, held at The Glass Gardens in The Chapel of Flowers, Vegas, was fun and playful, with just a few unexpected tears! Tara walked down the aisle to Once Upon a Dream by Lana Del Ray, the couple lit candles as a sign of their marriage (which they were able to keep and now light on every anniversary) and they walked back down the aisle to Blink 182’s All The Small Things, laughing all the way! To celebrate they had Mexican and margaritas before taking to Fremont street for live entertainment, gambling and karaoke.

In retrospect, the only thing that Tara would change is something that’s easier said than done; not stressing too much! “Take every moment as it comes, enjoy it and don’t stress!” she advises. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist so it was hard for me to hand over control to other people, but that’s part of getting married abroad and planning over email. I wish I hadn’t stressed so much; the chapel was so organised and I should have just trusted them – they’re professionals and do this every day, after all!”