A Colourful, Country Music Inspired Ranch Wedding in California

The Hearts Haven

May 22, 2019

Stop everything! You are going to just ADORE Morgan and Jesse’s California desert wedding and I am so excited to share it with you today! They were married at Rimrock Ranch in Pioneertown over the summer. They wanted their day to have a fun and joyful atmosphere and for it to be a little bit country (good music was a non-negotiable!) and a little bit weird! “We deemed the weekend ‘MJ Boogi Fest’, so it would feel like a weekend long celebration!” the bride said.

Morgan wore a Houghton NYCdress with adorable pink Iron Fist shoes and an incredible, yellow veil! She did her hair and make up herself because she wanted to feel like herself and she wanted them both to be quite minimal and non-fussy. Jesse was in a snazzy pink suit jacket from ASOS. “We didn’t have any decorations and I created silk bouquets for myself and bridesmaids. We wanted to let the desert shine on its own, so we kept things very minimal”, she said.

“We chose RimRock Ranch as the venue because we wanted a venue that we could also stay at with the bridal party”, she continued. “We wanted what we wore and what our bridal party wore to be fun and different! I loved seeing our friends in so many different colours and fabrics. I think too, because we had a small wedding we were able to get away with things that maybe we wouldn’t have been able to do if there were more people to plan for. For example, we led a caravan down to Salvation Mountain the day before the wedding.”

The ceremony was the highlight of the day for them both. They were married outside and they played country music at the key moments. “Hearing these old country classics echo through the desert was really special”, Morgan explained. “It felt like we were the only ones out there. The ceremony was my absolute favourite part of the day!! We chose to write our vows together and my brother performed the ceremony. It was so special standing in front of such an intimate group committing our lives to each other. That moment in the desert was one of the most magical things I have ever experienced.”

“I don’t think anything could have prepared me for all of the emotions you feel during the process of planning and having a wedding. You feel every single emotion both good and bad. I am so thankful I had my twin sister with me through it all. Our advice to other couples would be that if it doesn’t feel like you – toss it! Make your own rules and just have fun!”